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When we lived in Jakarta, we were living in one of our distant relative’s house.

They were materialistically wealthy.

Anyway, they had several housemaids and one was particularly good at cooking a local Indonesian dish.

One day, I went to the kitchen to watch her make the stuff because I was curious and I wanted to see it.

She was really uncomfortable with my presence – she hurriedly knelt and started grinding the meat once I came in.  She looked really embarrassed and was holding a grin.  Her head was down for the most part and every now and then she would look up to me hesitant to avoid eye contact.


I wondered why she acted that way.

Then I remembered one of our housemaids back in one of the places we used to live in.  I was friends with her and we just kind of treated each other like…friends.
But I also remembered that when my aunts and other family members came, they would start to act more subservient.

I think the cook thought I was an “authoritative boss” just because I lived there and I was also friends with people who were privileged…but I didn’t care.

Had she been aware that we were just as poor as she was, I wonder if she would have seen me as an equal then.

Corruption is so heavily embedded in people’s minds.

Perception…dun dun dun