Real Stories from Toronto #2,646,875 – It’s All a Joke

“Why are you always laughing?  Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re laughing about!  Sometimes it’s just mean!”

- Didn’t you get the memo?

“What?  What memo?”

- It’s all a joke.


The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

One day a monk walks up to him and asks, “What is the meaning of Zen?”
Smiling as usual, he instantly swung the sack over his shoulder.
“How does one realize Zen?”  Budai then takes up his bag and continues on his way.

From Siddhartha
“…Siddhartha replies that for every true statement there is an opposite one that is also true; that language and the confines of time lead people to adhere to one fixed belief that does not account for the fullness of the truth. Because nature works in a self-sustaining cycle, every entity carries in it the potential for its opposite and so the world must always be considered complete. Siddhartha simply urges people to identify and love the world in its completeness…”

BKAB (Speechless Mix)

… by Ethan Stoller (USA)


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Bang Bang

…by Poirier (Montreal, Quebec) feat. Warrior Queen (Kingston, Jamaica) currently based in London, UK


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Giant 3D Printer Builds 10 Houses in 1 Day


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Tic Tic Tac

…by Carrapicho (Brazil)


This song exploded all over the world in ’96…including Manila when I was there.

It’s a piece of my childhood…omg I think I’m gonna cry ❤❤❤

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Coke Owned Pepsi

Coke is pretty gross…but whoever their ad agency is: fucking awesometastic.

Original ad from Pepsi: Pepsi-dressed-as-Coke-for-Halloween-AD



Here’s the response:


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The Sadness of the Maya

One day, all the animals drew near to a Maya man and said to him,”We do not like to see you so sad.  Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it.”

The man said,”I want to be happy.

The owl responded,”Who knows what happiness is?  Ask us for something more concrete.”

Well then,” continued the man,”I want to have good sight.”

The vulture replied,”You shall have mine.”

I want to be strong.”

The jaguar said,”You shall be strong like me.”

I wish to be able to walk without tiring.

The deer replied,”I will give you my legs.”

I want to be able to forecast the arrival of the rains.”

The nightingale said,”I will let you know with my song.”

I want to be astute.

And the fox said,”I shall teach you.”

I long to be able to climb the trees.”

The squirrel responded,”I will give you my claws.”

I want to be able to see in the dark.

And the cat said,”I will lend you my eyes.”

I want to be able to recognize medicinal plants.

And the serpent responded,”Ah, this is my domain, because I know all the plants.  I will mark them for you in the fields and woods.”

Hearing the words of the snake, the man left.  Then, the owl said to all the animals:

“Now the man knows much more and is able to do many things, but he will always be sad.”

“Poor animals! Poor animals!”

- Old Mayan Story

Got It

…by Marian Hill (Philadelphia, PA, USA)


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Rudy Youngblood

…is a Native American actor, musician, dancer, and artist.  Born in Belton, Texas and of Comanche, Cree, and Yaqui ancestry.


Damn, baby.  Damn.

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Looking for a Job

Yes, that’s right.  I’m using my blog to try and get a J-O-B.

I’ve been unemployed for the last two years and I am getting bored and very broke.

You’ve read my entries (and if you’re seeing it for the first time: have a look around).  You’ll know what I’m about.

As for my experience…well, here’s a brief story of my life that gives you a glimpse of my employment background.  I’ve worked a lot of jobs and volunteered with kids (yes, apparently, I give a shit).

I’m creatively inclined (not just with artistic endeavors, but I think being creative is necessary and applicable in whatever you do.  It’s why they say “creative problem solving”).

If you can take a determined brown chick with an attitude, who likes to get things done, please contact me.

I am posting this here and if you contact me, I will assume that you’re probably either looking just to hire someone who can do the job (and don’t give a shit that the person is about your vision or not), but if luck would have it: you’re thinking what you’ve got may actually be in line with my thing…so please, don’t fucking pull this shit.

I went to film school – in case that counts for anything.
My ideal “job” would be: directing.  It’s all about connections and I unfortunately have not found people who’s into similar shit I am in.  So for now, I must slave away towards somebody else’s vision…or get a job towards a place whose vision resonates with mine.  That plus I don’t have any actual experience directing large scale productions.  If you work on set and you can get me a foot in door, that would be super cool too.

Here’s some low down:
– I do visual arts (I paint.  I’ve also done an archway mural)
– I’m pretty good with computers (software wise)
– I have a good eye and ear for composition (I’ve worked with some artists and acted as their creative consultant)
– I’m pretty good liaison (specially when there’s blow ups)
– I thrive in fast-paced environments

That is all.  Thank you. ^_^

Three Kings

…directed by David O Russell (New York City, New York, USA)


“You know you’re on the path to truth when you smell shit.”
– Archie Gates (character played by George Clooney)


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