Real Stories from Toronto #2,646,875 – It’s All a Joke

“Why are you always laughing?  Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re laughing about!  Sometimes it’s just mean!”

- Didn’t you get the memo?

“What?  What memo?”

- It’s all a joke.


The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

One day a monk walks up to him and asks, “What is the meaning of Zen?”
Smiling as usual, he instantly swung the sack over his shoulder.
“How does one realize Zen?”  Budai then takes up his bag and continues on his way.

From Siddhartha
“…Siddhartha replies that for every true statement there is an opposite one that is also true; that language and the confines of time lead people to adhere to one fixed belief that does not account for the fullness of the truth. Because nature works in a self-sustaining cycle, every entity carries in it the potential for its opposite and so the world must always be considered complete. Siddhartha simply urges people to identify and love the world in its completeness…”

Something in My Water



Now we know the story behind typos.


… is a movie hailing from Jamaica released in 1978 directed by Theodoros Bafaloukos (Athens, Greece)

“Horsemouth sets himself up in business selling records but when gangsters steal his bike things start to turn nasty. As tensions build, Horsemouth and friends plot to end the gangsters reign of terror and restore justice to the people of Kingston”

Here’s the opening sequence that I personally really like:


Check out the Ted Bafaloukos’s IMDB page here
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Also, my previous entry, Keep on Knocking, was discovered from this movie as well

Keep on Knocking

…by Jacob Miller (Mandeville, Jamaica)


This guy has been dead for 34 years so…

Check out his Discography here
And you can read more about him on Wikipedia here


…by Dead Can Dance (Melbourne, Australia) currently based in London, UK


Check out their site here
And their Facebook here
And their Soundcloud here
And their Twitter here

The Perfect Drug

…cover by (Germany) and Die Krupps (Düsseldorf, Germany)
…originally by Nine Inch Nails (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)



So apparently, was a side project of one (or more) of the band members from Die Krupps…

Check out Krupps site here
And their Facebook here
Check out Die Krupps Facebook here

Also, this track from an album called “Covered in Nails: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

Check out NIN’s site here
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And their Soundcloud here


I’m Blue

… by The’s (Tokyo, Japan)


Check out their site here
And their Facebook here
You can read more about them on Wiki here

Dead Like Me

…was a TV series that ran from 2003-2004.

Here’s the opening sequence:

And they did a movie called, “Life After Death” in 2009:


Check it out on IMDB here
And read more about it on Wikipedia here

Why I like this show: it’s composed of grim reaper characters (“undead”) who are walking around with human bodies… Their job is to take/take care of souls right after death.  Hence, they mostly take on a spectator’s point of view with the world – mostly accepting mishaps and fucked up shit with indifference: it is what it is.  Their job is to keep the balance by doing their job.
Every now and then they do get involved, but fairly minimally and mostly only on personal matters (George’s family and coping with her death, reminder of an even in the past etc).

There are 5 main characters: 1 American white guy, 2 American white chicks, 1 British white guy, and 1 American black chick.  They throw out racial slurs and references here and there, have junkie, bum, corporate stuff (the main character, in the beginning, deals with her identity and asking herself if corporate America is what defines her existence – that’s a buttload right there)…you get the picture.  It’s got some social shit in the mix, but it’s subtle enough so as not to make it the actual point of the show – because it’s not.
So as to assume, that the main composition of this project throws out the message: death is beyond that shit.  That is life’s bullshit.  (At least this is one of my interpretations.)

But the biggest reason why I like it – the story revolves on a particular occurrence in everyone’s lives that most people prefer to ignore, dramatize, fantasize, and even exaggerate for the sake of denial and guilt over social obligation that we must feel for something “tragic” that happens around us: death (in whatever form or shape).


We all die.  Just sayin’

And there are plenty of things worse than death itself.

I think fear is worse…much worse.

Take Ü There

… by Jack Ü: a collaboration with Skrillex (Los Angeles, California, USA) and Diplo (Tupelo, Mississippi, USA) featuring Kiesza (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

And since I’m kind of obsessing over this music video at the moment, here’s my favourite bit:


Check out Jack Ü’s Facebook here
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Check out Kiesza’s site here
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To Parents

1big“To Parents

The urge to create is equally strong in all children.  Boys and girls.
It’s imagination that counts.  Not skill.  You build whatever comes into your head, the way you want it.  A bed or a truck.  A doll’s house or a spaceship.
A lot of boys like dolls’ houses.  They’re more human than spaceships.
A lot of girls like spaceships.  They’re more exciting than dolls’ houses.

The most important thing is to put the right material in their hands and let them create whatever appeals to them.”


There have been speculations on its authenticity, but I think it’s the idea of this that counts.  It’s good shit.

Read more about it here.


Takeshi’s Castle

…was a Japanese game show that aired between 1986 and 1990 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Here’s my favourite part (Skittles)!

Here’s the full episode:


The annoying British commentator mentioned that the wrecking ball pushers (step aside Miley Cyrus) were called “Rainbow Warriors/Rainbow Tribe” and I wondered if the characters are a reference to the Wushe Incident in Taiwan (because I watched this movie called “Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” that was based on that and it was about Indigenous Taiwanese people rising against Japanese colony…but then the movie was 2011, so maybe not?  But then they were called “Rainbow Warriors” in the movie because they get this tattoo so they can cross the Rainbow Bridge).
Or how far does the rabbit hole go?… Dun dun dun…

Oh and umm…not that I’ve participated in either, but…this looks so much more interesting than Tough Mudder :P

Check out Takeshi’s Castle’s Youtube Channel here
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