Real Stories from Toronto #2,646,875 – It’s All a Joke

“Why are you always laughing?  Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re laughing about!  Sometimes it’s just mean!”

– Didn’t you get the memo?

“What?  What memo?”

– It’s all a joke.


The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

One day a monk walks up to him and asks, “What is the meaning of Zen?”
Smiling as usual, he instantly swung the sack over his shoulder.
“How does one realize Zen?”  Budai then takes up his bag and continues on his way.

From Siddhartha
“…Siddhartha replies that for every true statement there is an opposite one that is also true; that language and the confines of time lead people to adhere to one fixed belief that does not account for the fullness of the truth. Because nature works in a self-sustaining cycle, every entity carries in it the potential for its opposite and so the world must always be considered complete. Siddhartha simply urges people to identify and love the world in its completeness…”

André Cruz

…is an artist (and a tattoo artist) based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I believe not a “tattoo artist” but rather an artist who in addition to express themselves with screens and papers, also uses the skin and the human anatomy as a means of expression, and that knowledge about art and design becomes critical to my development daily.”

I sure as hell no comprende Portuguese, but if you can…

His art feels like freedom…Beautiful!!!

Check out his site here
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Jacopo Castellano

…is a VJ/Visual Designer based in Berlin, Germany

courtesy of Jacopo Castellano

courtesy of Jacopo Castellano


Check out his site here
And his Instagram here

And his Twitter here (seriously follow him on Twitter.  He has good taste. I stalk him a lot)
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…is an algorithmic digital artist based in Vienna, Austria

photo courtesy of Generated Design

photo courtesy of Generated Design


Check out his site here
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And an article on generatedDesign here

This is What English Actually Sounded like 500 Years Ago

“It’s interesting how movies make you believe that if you time travel to the middle ages you’ll understand people perfectly. But is it true? Would you really understand an Englishman from the 16th century? Hear for yourself in the video below where a 500-year-old poem is read aloud.”
– Encurious


They kinda talk like they have pickles up their assholes.

Dis be why I think slang is important.

When in doubt, always do ghetto.

If you’re a noob: UrbanDictionary is where it’s at.



…was a temporary art project organised by street artist Banksy, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.[1] Prepared in secret, the pop-up exhibition at the Tropicana, a disused lido, was “a sinister twist on Disneyland” that opened during the weekend of 21 August 2015[2] and closed permanently on September 27, 2015, 36 days later. Banksy described it as a “family theme park unsuitable for children.”


Check out the site here
And read more about it on Wiki here

Real Stories from Toronto #2,434,679 – Ukrainian Vodka

So what’s do you guys eat in Ukraine?

“Ukranian food.”

Well..yeah…but what’s Ukranian food (moron)?

“You know, potatoes, perogies, borscht, vodka…”

Vodka’s not really food though.

“Eh, when I was living on my own, sometimes it was food.”


Whatever works.

Lawrence & Caledonia Mural – Toronto, ON

…by Shalak Attack (from Chile based in Toronto, ON), Bruno Smoky (from Sao Paulo, Brazil based in Toronto, ON), and Fiya Bruxa (Chile currently based in Toronto, ON)


It made me so happy, I didn’t wanna leave  :(

For those of you wondering where in Toronto it is, it’s right at Lawrence and Caledonia

Check out Shalak Attack’s site here
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Check out Bruno Smoky’s site here
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And his Instagram here

Check out Fiya Bruxa’s site here
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Find out more about Essencia Art Collective here

And Shalak Attack gets real in the video below:

PS. It’s not done yet…I.Am.So.Totally going back  😆 SO EXCITED!!!

Real Stories from Toronto #2,432,678 – Like Permanent Bindis

A girl and I were having a conversation in the subway.  She has a lot of piercings all over her body.

I had a forehead dermal piercing once, but my skin doesn’t like piercings so I removed it as it was pushing it out anyway.

“Yeah, everytime I see or hear of someone with piercings on their back or anywhere else in the body, I always just think of the technicalities on it.  Like, won’t my shirt end up tugging it?  It’s nice, but for my lifestyle it’s just too impractical.  Plus, I’m a klutz.  I had a dermal piercing on my forehead once because I like wearing bindis…

‘Cause that what piercings are, right?  They’re like permanent bindis.”

She smiled and nodded.


Piercings are like bindis.  Tattoos are like permanent Henna designs.
Piercings and tattoos (as well as scarification) root from indigenous and ancient cultures.
Bindis and Henna designs root from Hinduism.

The meanings and symbolism will vary within each individual just as much as variations and appropriations of it changes because everyone leads a different life with a variety of perspectives (I think it’s called “the nature of creativity”…or maybe, “the way of the world” or “spirituality.”  I’m not really sure).

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Leonid Afremov

…is a RussianIsraeli visual artist based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA


“True art is alive and inspired by humanity.  I believe art helps us to be free from aggression and depression.”
– Afremov

💖💖💖 :)

Check out his site here
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And his DeviantArt page here
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And a Bored Panda article here


…is a series of laser-cut sculptures (created by artists from San Francisco, USA)
The project is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, maker culture, and of course, the artists’ favorite book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. HYBYCOZO was created to take a passion for design, technology, geometry, and installation art to the next level through thought provoking objects.
– website


“The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins.” – Wikipedia


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