Real Stories from Toronto #2,646,875 – It’s All a Joke

“Why are you always laughing?  Sometimes I don’t even know what you’re laughing about!  Sometimes it’s just mean!”

– Didn’t you get the memo?

“What?  What memo?”

– It’s all a joke.


The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

One day a monk walks up to him and asks, “What is the meaning of Zen?”
Smiling as usual, he instantly swung the sack over his shoulder.
“How does one realize Zen?”  Budai then takes up his bag and continues on his way.

From Siddhartha
“…Siddhartha replies that for every true statement there is an opposite one that is also true; that language and the confines of time lead people to adhere to one fixed belief that does not account for the fullness of the truth. Because nature works in a self-sustaining cycle, every entity carries in it the potential for its opposite and so the world must always be considered complete. Siddhartha simply urges people to identify and love the world in its completeness…”

Real Stories from the World #6,301,799 – Om Mani Padme Hum

“Oh nice ink!”, he says pointing to the guy’s forearm.


“I went to Nepal last year.”

Oh nice.  Was it pricey, yo?  It’s far…

“It’s actually not that expensive, it’s just the plane ticket that you have to drop a big sum on, but after that it’s pretty cheap.

We stayed at a local village in a hut.

Every morning we would wake up to Buddhist children chanting that.  They were holding incense too…it was soothing to say the least.

Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ[1] (Sanskrit: ओं मणिपद्मे हूं, IPA: [õːː məɳipəd̪meː ɦũː]) is the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan: སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་ Chenrezig, Chinese: 觀音 Guanyin, Japanese: 観音(かんのん) Kannon), the bodhisattva of compassion. Mani means “jewel” or “bead” and Padma means “the lotus flower”, the Buddhist sacred flower.”


This chant actually originates from Tibetan Buddhism, which can also be found in northern Nepal (I guess he went to north Nepal?  Didn’t get a chance to ask).

It is said that one can’t fully translate this chant, but a good general translation in English would be, “Hail the Jewel of the Lotus.

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I Had a Dream

…that Ninja from Die Antwoord touched my forehead (like a priest would in one of those things where they touch foreheads and people “faint”) to give me a shave on the left side of my head for a full-on mohawk.

Ninja (left) & Yo-Landi (right)

Ninja (left) & Yo-Landi (right)

================================= mohawk or not to mohawk? *stay tuned*

…to mohawk or not to mohawk?
*stay tuned*


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Real Stories from Toronto #1,679,888 – This is Really Happening

“Yeah I was traveling to a small town in Mexico.
I was staying with a family and they were essentially my host.  I was teaching English to the kids.

One time, there was this pretty intense situation… Like, the boy’s father owed some people some money or something and we had to hide in the house because the people were gang members.

…and I’m from a small town in Ontario where there was only one black family…and nothing ever happens…and I’m like ‘(Nervous tone) heh…this is happening.”


I met this small town white Canadian chick at a Spanish bead store in downtown Toronto.

I guess she likes immersing herself in experiences too.

Marvel VS DC (Avengers Battle)

…by therackaracka (Adelaide, South Australia)


Behind the Scenes:



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…directed by Neill Blonkamp from Johannesburg, South Africa currently based in Vancouver, BC Canada

“In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.”



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LARRA_ | Gelene Celis

After a brief, confusticating, brain-switch (exclusive mac-user for 5 years to PC), running around for resources, double/triple/quadruple/anal QC’ing (still a few minor glitches tho, check out my GitHub and feel free to micromanage the shit out of it) and a number of foul-mouthed frustrations: it’s finally done.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.12.34 PM


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.13.04 PM



Shameless Self Promotion: Well Underway.

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And the main page here (larra-gelenecelis)

Real Stories from Toronto #1,235,688 – One that’s Not Hard: Love is Unconditional

“I’m getting Viet, want anything?”

Mom: Yeah, get me noodles.

“Yeah, but like…what kind of noodles…”

Mom: Just get one that’s not hard.

I stood still, holding my phone, not knowing how to react…

“Huh?  WTF?  ALL noodles are soft.”

Mom: Like pancit.


1. reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.
– Google

Statements in question:
1. “Get me noodles” – OK.  Not all Vietnamese food are noodles…still passable.
2. “Just get one that’s not hard” – … really?
3. “Like pancit” – Pancit is a Filipino dish (introduced by the Chinese) made of (soft) noodles. –> if you’re not Asian and you don’t know what this is: totally cool.  If you’re Asian tho…


My mother: I love her, even though she is kind of a: moron.

Psst: Love is unconditional :)

My mother and I don’t always (often) don’t get along very well…let alone share a laugh over something so simple and silly.
She didn’t even notice how stupid she sounded up until I pointed it out…and we laughed our assess off for a while.
I haven’t shared a heartfelt laugh with my mom for the longest time…

I hope our little moment of joy gives you a little moment of light :)

and in case you know Tagalog


…by Schlachthofbronx (Munich, Germany)

“Carimbó is a Brazilian dance.  The dance was a common dance in the northern part of Brazil, from the time that Brazil was still a Portuguese colony, originally from the Brazilian region of Pará, around Marajó island and the capital city of Belém…”
– Wikipedia



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Ported / Talisman NWA 020

…by Sukh Knight (East London, UK)


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Bowmanville POW Camp (Camp 30)

…was a Canadian-run POW camp for German soldiers during World War II located in the community of Bowmanville, Ontario in Clarington, Ontario, Canada (2020 Lambs Road). In September 2013, the camp was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.


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